Amouage Sunshine: Smelling Good & Bright for the Right Cause (2014)


Amouage, the Omani house of perfume, have turned to a new venture with their latest fragrance launch, Sunshine...

This is a first for two reasons. Firstly, this is the very first time that Amouage art director Christopher Chong has decided to launch a feminine perfume on its own as the house so far was used to releasing her-and-him duos.

Not unfrequently, you could get the sense that the masculine counterparts were more interesting smelling.

The second reason why this is a fresh approach is because Sunshine is a composition with a mission, that of raising funds for an (unnamed) association that supports guide dogs helping people with impaired vision, those for whom the sun warms the earth but does not shine. Half of the proceeds from the sales will go to that caritative institution.

The composition itself is not just a pretext but offers rich and complex notes. The top notes feature almond, blackcurrant liqueur and davana flower while the heart showcases osmanthus, jasmine, vanilla and magnolia. The base notes rest on juniper berries, prickly cedar, patchouli, papyrus, and blond tobacco.

The flacon also indicates a change of mood and style for the brand, leaving some classicism aside to offer a pop of sunflower yellow in an opaline bottle with white accents, although the trademark feminine bottle for Amouage scents remains.

Previously, the house had issued a fragrance, Opus VI, inspired by a similar symbolic "sunshine" theme, as in the movie The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Via Vogue Russia

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