Demeter Lemon Meringue (2014) {New Fragrance}


Demeter Fragrance Library have released a new olfactory scan, I'll call it, of the smells of the world. This time it's the scent of Lemon Meringue, which becomes "singular" enough according to their motto, only when bottled and worn on the body where it still might surprises a few noses despite the prevalence of gourmand fragrances...

If it's really well-done to the point of evoking a 3-D replica (before the advent of 3-D printers and right after it), then you know it can still provoke reactions of amazed disbelief in people staying in the same room as you.

Another orientation is when a lemon meringue tart perfume is so well done, it smells of it, yet also brings something else to the mix. It seems that Demeter chose to go that route.

Lemon Meringue by Demeter is a bright and bold full-bodied lemon scent without any of the bitterness or shrillness that lemon can have. It has creamy vanilla undertones without becoming sugary or sweet. The fresh lemon cream is the star of this beautifully balanced fragrance.

Expect also to seize upon a nuance of cream of tartar in this recipe,

The chemistry of Meringue is quite fascinating. When egg whites are beaten, some of the hydrogen bonds in the proteins breakdown, causing the proteins to "denature", or unfold and change shape. This change in structure leads to the stiff consistency required for meringues. The addition of cream of tartar causes the proteins to change even more, helping to create the desired firm peaks.

The new scent is available both as a personal fragrance and an atmospheric one. Prices are between $2 and $31,60.

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