Aubade anecdote (2014) {New Perfume}

Aubade_Anecdote_TSS.jpg French lingerie brand Aubade have released their second fragrance to date called anecdote, a new opus following up on last year debut with Le Parfum...

The composition is signed by perfumer Delphine Jelk of Drom Fragrances. The nose explained,

"I created Anecdote as a lace exuded by aldehydes blended with rose. Bergamot provides a sharp freshness and adds the excitement of precious moments, leading into the immaculate magnolia flower. I dressed the vanilla in white musk, creating a sensual sillage... The perfume is like the night falling, with candor and devastation."

Anecdote is a citrusy powdery musk eau de parfum listing fragrance notes of bergamot, coumarin, jasmine, magnolia, rose, vanilla and musk.

Prices are €42 and €59 for 50 ml and 100 ml respectively.

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