3 Perfumers Explain Their Ideas About Children's Fragrances {Perfume Images & Ads}

Kimmi_Fragrances.jpgThe new trio of fragrances for children by Koto Parfums inspired by Japanese dolls, Kimmi Mimi, Lily and Niki were developed by three perfumers from Drom Fragrances: Corinne Cachen, Alexandra Monet and Delphine Jelk. The noses were interviewed by their company to present their main ideas about how they create perfumes for kids....

Corinne Cachen stresses the fact that there exists more freedom of creation when composing for children than for adults - something we might not have thought of - thus reflecting some of the very psychological characteristics of each age of life.

For her, the most characteristic olfactory notes of childhood are vanilla and musk. The first one for its gourmand, comforting connotations and the second one because it represents the mother and her scent.

For Alexandra Monet, it's red fruits and candy, with a surprise cosmetic note of makeup for those little girls who love to play with their mother's makeup.

For Delphine Jelk, it's violet and rose petals dipped in sugar. But also vanilla and musk; in the end, she wanted her perfume to illustrate the idea of a fresh strawberry sorbet.

All three perfumers underline the fact that a children-scent composition ought to be playful and cuddly, comforting and sweet ("régressif") as opposed to seductive and sensual as for the ones destined to adults.

Re-smelling Petit Guerlain (1994 - discontinued) from the bottle, which was composed by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, what is striking to the nose is the old-school feel of dusty oakmoss in it, serving as counterpoint to the citruses. It's a serious children's fragrance by today's standards. It does not have the new, very Candyland-like and colorized brand of playfulness.

Our children might also be the children of Angel (by Thierry Mugler), after all.

Interviews below are in French,

What are the notes of childhood for you? Do you think children should wear perfume?

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