An Acqua di Parma Colonia Signed by Luca Scacchetti (2011) {Fragrance News - New Flacon - Holidays Shopping}

parma_colonia_scacchetti.jpgAcqua di Parma Est. 1916 released a limited edition new bottle of their classic perfume, Colonia. Milanese Designer and architect Luca Scacchetti took two years to perfect the ideas about the external appearance of the jus, which he says, impact the perception of the fragrance itself...

Synesthesia is an important, less-explored aspect of perfume appreciation, which is often neglected by overly purist fragrance lovers.

Scacchetti was interviewed by Wallpaper and explained the development, style and consequences of the project, saying that he was chosen for being neither too avant-garde nor too conservative, a trait of the Milan style he embodies. That style is, "...about elegance and building a relationship between the traditional and the contemporary world. It's an ability to contain oneself and not to exaggerate."

He was also very much interested in supporting the cause of "Italian quality."

In his design, he was guided by the concept of the expansion of a perfume, which he likened to the expansion of glass when glass-blowers work on their craft. Salvador Dali's melting human figures was also one of the triggering creative sparks for him.

"Another thing that came to mind was Dali's melting people [•••] And I thought of the Greek urns with warriors and dancing women chasing around a vase. I saw these characters melting too."

The glass was tinted a transparent yellow and contrasted with black as the color most susceptible to enhance it. Looking through the bottle is experiencing the illusion of dancing and shifting circles. According to the architect, "it's the first ever 3D bottle design." And finally,

"It's perhaps another sign of my craziness but I feel that the perfume from this bottle expands more than that from any other Acqua di Parma bottle."  

Read more about the project and its author at Wallpaper

Acqua di Parma released their first limited-edition bottle in 2007 with Colonia Edizione Murano.

The Scacchetti edition is a 180 ml bottle. Price: £104.

For the Holidays, this might be a great gift idea for design and perfume lovers, the perfectionists and aesthets in your lives.

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