Clarins Revives its Wellness Tradition with Eau Ressourçante (2014) {New Fragrance}

Clarins_Eau_Ressourçante.jpg Clarins have introduced a new descendant of their cult wellness scent Eau Dynamisante (1987) called Eau Ressourçante. It is meant like its predecessor to be both a real perfume and a tonic potion, thanks to carefully selected essential oils...

This time, the accent is put on feelings of relaxation and restfulness. The name of the fragrance in French also implies that it allows wearers to tap into their inner strength thanks to it. It is about,

A universe of relaxation, of well-being, and letting-go of pressure; a new way of smelling good and of feeling comfortable in one's skin thanks to perfume and the action of plants. You bathe in freshness and serenity - you are reconnecting with your sense of harmony and have new-found energy {our translation}.

Essential oils are Virginian cedarwood to foster a sense of plenitude and benzoin from Thailand for comfort.

The list of non-aromatic plants in the "Eau de Soins" include Sarsapareilla which relieves tiredness; Robinia which is softening; Longan is de-stressing.

Price is 49,90€ for 100 ml. There is also a soft deodorant for 20,90€.

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  1. Hello, is it the same Eau ressourcante released in France in 2003 or i missed something?

    • Hi, actually, you're right it looks like the same one from 2003 but it's featured as "new" on Sephora France. At this point, I'd have to check with someone as it appears next to the old one (not new), so not sure if it's a reference to a bottle change, like a different blue, or just "new" as in...whatever they might mean.

      Thanks for pointing out this issue to me.

      Chant Wagner

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