Demeter Log Cabin (2014) {New Perfume} {Home Fragrance}

Demeter_Log_Cabin.jpg Demeter Fragrance Library have introduced a new fragrance called Log Cabin, which can be used either as a personal perfume or a home scent depending on the type of formulation you purchase...

The woods don't lie.

The composition is inspired by the words of wisdom of one Anne LaBastille, a woodswoman living by herself in the Adirondack wilderness - except for the occasional guest, which made her say that,

...invite a person to a log cabin in the woods for a weekend. The true personality emerges every time.

Log Cabin cologne is a woodsy composition featuring Texas Cedarwood which adds a hint of smoke, Virginia Cedar for its near pastry-like sweetness, Oak Moss to make the scent rounder, less rough, and greener. The notes are,

all melded together over time and weathered. Step into another time and place without breaking the bank.

Prices range from $2,50 to $39,50.

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