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duck_tape_scented.jpeg Duck Brand have become more and more craft-oriented with their originally just useful products and now, they are adding a new, olfactory dimension with Duck Tape Scents...

You are encouraged to play with them - imagine all the DIY possibilities!

I can still remember my mother using those or their equivalent to organize a colorful treasure hunt for my birthday! Mmm, now you could organize a B-day treasure hunt blindfolded by just following your nose!

A commenter on the brand site said that it's great to use for repairing grocery bags.


Wait and see for the next fashion statement using those.

Now your Duck Tape® projects can smell as good as they look with the first-ever scented duct tape: Duck Tape Scents®! Made with the same strength and durability expected of Duck Tape®, Cupcake Duck Tape Scents® is a NEW fuchsia Duck Tape® mixed with the sweet whiff of fluffy pink frosting. Now you can engage your creativity AND your nose with Cupcake Duck Tape Scents® - sure to add a fragrant pop to your Duck Tape® crafts, decorations and repairs.

Suggested uses are: repairs, color-coding, fashion, crafting and imaginative projects.

Price is $10.

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