Jamie Lee Curtis Tells of Her Devotion to Oscar de la Renta Debut Perfume {Fragrant Reading} {Celebrity Perfume}

Oscar_Extrait.jpg Upon the death of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta on Monday October the 20th, 2014 actress Jamie Lee Curtis reminisces about her lifelong signature perfume, Oscar, and how one day she transitioned from the famous 1970s floriental fragrance to the new Esprit d'Oscar (2011)...


"When I returned to drive home my nose told me that indeed it was a gentle shift but one I wholly welcomed, as I too had mellowed with age and I have now proudly worn the new Oscar, Esprit D'Oscar ever since. It generates the same queries and exclamations from children to their mothers and it is with pride that I wear him and it is with great sadness that I write this.

I will stay forever devoted and will wear him to my grave. Gentle, soft, feminine, chic, elegant. His style. My scent. Words I attribute to us both."

Read more at The Scent of a Woman

French version available here.

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