Nicolaï Cuir Cuba Intense is a Complex Work whose Point of Origin is Tobacco Absolute (2014) {New Fragrance}


The house of Nicolaï is about to launch a new Leather-Tobacco composition this October of 2014 signed by its co-founder perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï. It's called Cuir Cuba Intense...

The new eau de parfum is said to be nurtured by the memories of its composer who both confesses to her intense dislike for the habit of smoking and her love of the scent of the cigar box she would be asked to fetch as a child.

She remembers how she considered it an olfactory treat to open the box and how she would feel transported by the exoticism of the smell of tobacco leaves. As a perfumer, she reconnected with this foundational smell in her laboratory when she had available to her an absolute of tobacco leaves.

Some perfumers like to take as a point of origin a natural material, which becomes their muse. Because Nicolaï is an independent perfume house, the personal story of its co-founder, with husband Jean-Louis Michau, also matters and gives dynamic to the creations of the house.

If tobacco leaf absolute is a starting point, it becomes clear when reading the olfactory map of the perfume that the initial project became much more complex along the way. People who love naturalness and the almost incontrolable richness of essences will be struck by the wealth of natural ingredients that went into this eau de parfum.

The head notes are hesperidic, anisic and aromatic blending Sicilian lemon essence, aniseed, licorice, and spearmint essence. The heart is both floral and spicy thanks to lavender essence, geranium essence, ylang essence and magnolia bloom essence. There are no less than 5 different facets in the base: woodsy, tobacco, floral, aromatic and animalic. Ingredients are: patchouli essence, cedarwood, tobacco absolute, hay absolute, Liatrix essence, iris, sage essence, and finally musk and civet.

The sillage is said to be particularly conspicuous, so this is not a discreet skin scent.

Launch date is set for October 24th, 2014 in the Nicolaï boutiques.

Prices: 53€ for 30 ml and 158€ for 100 ml.

Long-distance orders can be put through: contact at pnicolai point com / or by phone at: 01 44 55 02 00

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