Bésame Decades of Fragrance (1910-1960) (2014) {New Fragrances}


American beauty brand Bésame, who usually take an in-depth look at retro habits and products to reproduce them, have launched their debut collection of perfumes inspired by six decades of perfume history entitled Decades of Fragrance...

Founder Gabriela Hernandez is passionate about the history of beauty and this taste shows once more in this new library of scents released as a limited-edition just before the Holidays 2014.

The Decades of Fragrance Collection is the fruit of 6 years of research and exploration to bring you the essence of each decade featured in the collection. We wanted to give you an olfactory picture of a decade of time, using familiar ingredients from each period to create an impression in your mind of a time gone by. Each perfume extract is meticulously crafted from precious essential oils and natural alcohol. Be transported to your favorite era with each of our intoxicating scents.


Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, Klimt, 1910s Floriental

Top notes: lemon, orange-flower, ylang-ylang

Heart notes: tuberose, saffron, jasmine, peony

Base notes: nubuck, vanilla, civet, sandalwood


Hollywood, rumours and scandals, 1920s Floral, Ambery, Musky

Top notes: mandarin, juniper berry, galbanum

Heart notes: jasmine, violet, muguet, suede

Base notes: cocoa, myrrh, amber, musks


Marlene Dietrich, cigarette and seduction, 1930s Oriental

Top notes: mandarin, cinnamon, clarysage

Heart notes: tobacco, heliotrope, lavender

Base notes: vanilla, cedar wood, musks


After prohibition, NYC jazz club, 1940s Aromatic, Floral, Ambery

Top notes: bergamot, cognac, davana

Heart notes: rose, clove, labdanum

Base notes: sandal wood, amber, benzoin


Billie Holiday, intoxicating gardenia, 1950s White, Floral, Powdery

Top notes: mandarin, mango, freesia

Heart notes: gardenia, frangipani, tuberose

Base notes: vanilla, cashmere wood, musks


Classic vs modern, the Graduate, 1960s Chypre Floral

Top notes: grapefruit, armoise, coriander

Heart notes: rose, reseda, jasmine

Base notes: patchouli, oud, oakmoss

Each 30 ml perfume is priced at $42 and comes with a black velvet drawstring pouch.

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