Mirrors for Vain Parrots & Us {Beauty Notes}


The day I learned parrots are vain and like to look at themselves in the mirror. I'm innocent like that...

The human species is not alone.

Now all we need are mirrors with bells so that we can make them ring out of glee whenever we admire our reflections.

Parrots have a festive sense of beauty.

They make noise about it instead of looking at themselves weirdly in silence like scrutinizing, unforgiving humans.

Also please take note, parrot mirrors are not HD and do not need to be. In fact, it seems that this is a lesson in happiness: look at yourselves in blunted, shiny mirrors with tinkling bells.

Parrot-mirrors all the way.

Your most precise images are those of others because you're a blur.

If there were only parrot-mirrors, the world would be a completely different place.

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