Penhaligon's + Nina Frydlender Creazioni Create 6 Highly Decorated Flacons (2014) {Fragrance News} {New Packaging}

penhaligons_nina_frydlander_kino.jpg Penhaligon's have associated themselves with the workhop of Nina Frydlender Creazioni to launch a collection of six of their house perfumes in newly redesigned bottles and unusually large sizes at the end of the month...

The creative process was based on the names of the perfumes rather than on olfactory impressions. What the design team worked on was on replacing explicit names with visual impressions of what the perfumes represent.

Can you guess which is which?

Blenheim Bouquet is partly inspired by the blue eyes of Gladys Deacon Duchess of Marlborough which were painted by Colin Gill on the ceiling of one of the rooms at Blenheim. There is also a Twiggy figure to symbolize the modern English woman of the 1960s.

Artemisia is a soft oriental which pays homage to its namesake goddess, also known as Diana, mistress of the hunt and of the moon.

Lily of the Valley gets a touch of Victoriana charm as seen on ancient floral postcards.

Sartorial shows a man who seems to be magician for this modern fougère.

Finally, Endymion and Malabah complete the collection.

The new artworks have been covered by hand with several layers of transparent polish including one which protects them against harmful UV rays.

The juices have been colored with intense colors to match the designs.

They are meant to interest perfume bottle collectors who will note that each flacon contains 500 ml of perfume priced at 850€.

They will be available from November 29th, 2014 at Penhaligon's, 209 rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris.

Via press release

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