The Moon and The Lights in Paris - In the Mood for Calvin Klein Euphoria {Perfume & Images}

Moon_Lights_Paris.jpg The Moon & the Lights in Paris, or 3-Ways Lights: from the sky, the cars speeding by in the traffic and the city lamp posts...

The only olfactory reference I can think of is that I was wearing Calvin Klein Euphoria, which I had rediscovered and find arresting.

calvin_klein_euphoria_ad.jpg What happened next? Researching an illustration for Euphoria, I happen on their 2012 advertising campaign. I then realise that there is a moonlit night sky in the background behind model Natalia Vodianova.

I am a bit shocked. It is however not uncommon for a perfume reviewer to conjure up shared mental images with the perfumer that are communicated via the silent language of perfume.

So, it worked once again. This time, I clicked on the camera button unknowingly instead of writing down words. And maybe it is the case that I was inspired by the moonlit, brooding yet bright fragrance notes of Euphoria, subliminally felt rather than consciously experienced.

This remains true and intriguing: Euphoria is very characteristically both dark and very bright.

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