A Lab on Fire Paris * LA. (2014): Coca-Cola + Macarons {New Perfume}

Lab_fire_paris_la.jpg American niche brand A Lab on Fire has launched a new perfume called Paris * LA. inspired by the confluence of cultures of two disparate cities...

The composition is signed by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, known for his ability to create gourmand compositions in different guises.

The eau de parfum plays the trans-cultural game of looking at Los Angeles through the eyes of a Parisian.

It is labeled as a "citrus gourmand". Top notes are key lime, ginger, and a "cola accord" followed by neroli petals, coriander seeds, thyme. The base features a "macaron accord," amber, and musk.

The composition reads on paper like a medley of typical American and French taste preferences, somehow making sense in just one perfume.

Price: 24€ for 15 ml (shown in picture above), or in the US, $110 for 60 ml.

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