Rasasi Dhanel Oud Esthatnay & Dhanel Oud Nazaha (2014): When East & West Meet Thanks to Oud {New Fragrances}

Dhanal_Oud_Esthatnay__Nazaha_rasasi.jpg Rasasi have launched a new duo of oud fragrances called Dhanel Oud Esthatnay & Dhanel Oud Nazaha to coincide with the United Arab Emirates National Day...

The ad copy explains,

Being a fine blend of rich exotic ingredients with the highly coveted pure Indian Dhanel Oud as the highlight ingredient, Dhanel Oud Estethnay and Dhanal Oud Nazaha, have been specially created for the luxury seeking connoisseurs of perfumes with a taste for fine quixotic blends.

Dhanel Oudh Estethnay includes notes of fruity caramel, Indian rose, orange flower, vanilla of Madagascar, rich Iranian saffron, pure rich Indian Agarwood.

Dhanal Oudh Nazaha has notes of exotic fruits, orange flowers, special notes of jasmine and rose, Indian Sandalwood, Iranian saffron, patchouli, cedar wood, musk and pure Indian Agarwood.

The first one is more nocturnal and the second one more diurnal.

If the West is developing an appreciation for oud perfumes, the Middle East is not remaining static either on the strength of their legacy in this field. They too are evolving, and apparently adding gourmand notes to their oud perfumes. This is called a cultural exchange, which goes both ways: oud from the East, caramel from the West.

The flacon packaged in weaved basket-like outer shells have a design inspired by the Qing dynasty, we are told.

Salim Kalsekar, Managing Director of Rasasi Perfumes, said,

"The introduction of Dhanel Oud Estethnay & Dhanel Oud Nazaha further consolidates Rasasi's Oud based luxury range. These fragrances have been created after gaining greater insight into the luxury, vintage and opulence seeking consumers who attach great significance to exclusivity, legacy and heritage.''

Via Albawaba

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