The Salt Trade Black Ambre, Heliotrope & Jasper Santal (2014) {New Perfumes}

salt_trade_anointing_perfume_oil.jpeg Indie fragrance label The Salt Trade est. 2014 have introduced 3 "anointing"perfume oils named Black Ambre, Heliotrope, & Jasper Santal...

They are interested both in mineralogy and perfume and thus combine both interests. The scented blends also contain mineral chips described as "floating Salt-therapy crystals" to impart a wellness influence to the fragrances and thereby their wearers.

We believe in the purification and healing power of Salt. The Earth's most valuable mineral universally sought after for it's medicinal and spiritual properties. Our mission is to create modern applications from Earth's most coveted compounds.

salt_trade_perfume_oils.jpeg Black Ambre - Black orchid, Leather and Amber Musk.

Heliotrope - Jasmine, Tobacco Leaf and Agarwood.

Jasper Santal - Violet, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood.

Additionally, the brand forewarn prospective perfume wearers that the scents are not meant for those prone to skin sensitivies.

Price: $20 for 7 ml. Available at and Urban Outfitters.
Courtesy pictures via Urban Outfitters and

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