The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Picks Turkish Poppies (2015) {New Perfume}

TBS_smoky_poppy.jpg The Body Shop will launch a new limited-edition fragrance from January 21, 2015 called Smoky Poppy developed into a wide range of bath and body products...

The new scent is said to showcase a hand-picked poppy from the region of Ankara, Turkey. The blend is spicy and woody.

While poppies are not fragrant unless you mean its latex or other by-products, it seems that in this case, it is not so much the recreation of opium that we have to imagine but a darker interpretation of the abstractness of the poppy flower scent, at once vibrant color-wise, and scentless.

Poppies have been showcased by the house of Kenzo as an ethereal, fragrant and indefinite flower in their perfume FlowerbyKenzo.

smoky_poppy_seed_scrub.jpg The collection includes a body butter scrub with poppy seeds in the cream.

The eau de toilette will be available in 30 ml.


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