Philosophy Live Joyously (2014) {New Perfume}

Philosophy_live_joyously.jpg Philosophy have launched a new fragrance called Live Joyously whose tag line is meant to be inspirational as always this time reading "Joy is embracing life"...

According to the advertising copy,

Discover Live Joyously by Philosophy: An expressive, floral scent wrapped with inviting and intimate notes that express passion for life. Expressive, captivating and dynamic. Joy-it's the special ingredient that fills life with color. It makes us sing. It invites us to dance. Simply put, Joy is embracing life... Joy is what sets us free.

The floral blend features main accords of sparkling tangerines, pink peony blossoms and warm patchouli, whose colors are reflected in the flacon tint palette.

The eau de parfum is said to include "the richest, most refined blend of fragrance oils to provide a finer, stronger, longer-lasting scent."


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