Elizabeth Arden Red Door Purse Spray Set (2014) {New Packaging} {Perfumista on a Shoestring Budget}

Red_door_purse_spray_set.jpg Elizabeth Arden have introduced a new packaging for their pillar, classic floral fragrance for women Red Door called the Red Door Purse Spray Set...

This is the way to go if you favor smaller size perfume bottles, a trend which has been picking up in 2014 going into 2015.

It's convenient, easy to carry and either you're a faithful or a versatile consumer of fragrance. For each of those cases, small sizes make sense.

For the perfumista on a shoestring budget, the price is worth noting in a market often stuck up on inflated price tags as a signifier of quality: $35.

Source: Elizabetharden.com

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