Zara Baby Girl & Baby Boy (2014) {New Kids Fragrances - Packaging}

zara-baby_boy_girl.jpegFast fashion chain store Zara have issued a new duo of children perfumes for boys and girls called Baby Girl and Baby Boy...

What is immediately noteworthy is the way in which the trend of using playing blocks for children fragrance packaging is manifesting itself.

Ora Ïto is going farther with his spray bottles tucked inside colorful silicone cubes. Spanish design agency Lavernia & Cienfuegos went with a similar idea but applied only to the outer packaging.

ZARA_baby_boy.jpg Inside the Kraft paper cubes, the spray bottles remain classic.

Apparently though, the designers were not so much thinking about kids playing around with boxes of perfume - you know how tissue boxes can be an unexpected hit with them - but more about sales forces,

"We used the panels of the cube packaging to spell out 'PLAY' when lined up together in uncomplicated but lively typography to work in any Zara store across the world. Another requirement of the brief was to take into account a practical solution to displaying the product at the point of sale, something that doesn't require over-commitment by the store staff to set-up. By the very nature of the game, the building blocks allow for a perfect solution to this as they can be disorganised and arranged casually and playfully."

Via The Die Line

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