Cartier La Panthère (2014) {New Perfume}


Cartier launched a new feminine pillar fragrance in 2014 called La Panthère, which echoes the name of a previous perfume of theirs from the 80s but it has been completely redesigned and only the name remains...

The house loves to continue to refer to the mythological aroma of the panther according to a text from antiquity writer Theophrastus.

« La panthère est de tous les animaux
le seul qui sente bon naturellement.
La panthère exhale une odeur qui est agréable
à toutes les autres bêtes,
c'est pourquoi elle chasse en se tenant cachée
et en attirant les bêtes vers elle grâce à son parfum ».


The panther is of all the animals

the only one which smells good naturally

The panther exhales an aroma which is pleasing

to all the other beasts

This is why it hunts while keeping hidden

and by attracting animals towards itself thanks to its perfume.

Theophrastus (our translation from the French version in the press release)


Cartier labels their new composition as a "feline floral", an inventive genre which does not officially exist. The scent wishes to translate the vision of femininity that the brand have in mind: "divine, exquisite, rebellious - in other words, divine". For in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent,

"Every woman partakes of the feline and every flower hides animalic notes in its heart"

The eau de parfum is a chypre showcasing a gardenia flower. Three main accords give meaning to the perfume: chypre, floral and musky. The musk note is said to be both traditional and modern, carnal and abstract.

Since last year, companion scents have been issued, including an Extrait and an Eau Légère.

Via press release

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