Etat Libre d'Orange True Lust (2015) {New Perfume}


French niche brand Etat Libre d'Orange will launch a new fragrance from February 1, 2015 called True Lust, a double-entendre including a meta allusion to the fact that the new composition celebrates the erotic commingling of Putain des Palaces and Dangerous Complicity...

The perfume comes not with just one but two tag lines too, the second one which is printed on the red and purple bottle. There is the philosophical "The Reality of Love" and there is also the more poetic "Rayon Violet de ses Yeux", the latter meaning "The violet rays from her eyes".

Made to coincide with the period of gift-giving around Valentine's Day, the release of the new perfume is that of an erotic blend bien entendu knowing the sexualized character of the brand, but which moreover literally mimics the act of coupling (see NSFW video below) by bringing together the main facets of two previous compositions, Putain des Palaces and Dangerous Complicity.

When the Putain des Palaces enters into a Dangerous Complicity, a relationship is born. It is a marriage of mystery, an uneasy merger of hearts and minds and flesh.
A blend of Putain des Palaces and Dangerous Complicity, a union of temptation and peril.

There is moreover a reference to a familiar theme in French culture, that of the history of the country as seen through the roles of the kings' seductresses,

"When the mistress of the king himself becomes embroiled in a dangerous love affair, it is the beginning of a mysterious romance, a confusing unification of the heart and the senses.

Etat Libre d'Orange has combined the explicitly seductive notes of rose and violet with powdery accents and dangerous hints of rum and patchouly thus combining the best of two exquisite perfume creations.

The result of this irresistible union of temptation and danger, risk and passion is a sweet and shocking pleasure. She sips her rum; her soft, voluptuous pink lips slightly parted as she wonders who she will seduce tonight, whose heart she will break. She is Rimbaud's beauty and the man who takes her in his arms, may find her bitter, yet will still succumb to his own desires. She beguiles him with the violet rays of her eyes which reflect the memory of her licentious past, and he cannot resist her, because desire is in the eye of the beholder."

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of Rum, Ginger, Rose, Violet, Coconut leading to a heart of Osmanthus, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, and Tangerine and lingering on thanks to notes of Rice Powder, Ambergris, Leather, Animalic Notes, and Sandalwood.

What is ironic here is that the process of blending together different compositions is what takes place for ultra commercial launches like we've seen recently happening with Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. The fact that a niche label is doing this however differs in this case in the way that they turn towards their own catalogue of scents, not trying to emulate, and in fact literally copy and paste competitors' fragrances.

You can watch the NSFW video for Putain des Palaces posted in October 2014 on You Tube with the tag line then of "She is Your True Lust",

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  1. I like both Putain des Palaces and Dangerous Complicity (which you keep referring to as "True Complicity" for some reason), but this sounds very, very sweet to me - maybe too much of a good thing?

    • Thank you -- didn't realise I had made those Freudian slips...

      Chant Wagner

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