Jimmy Choo Love Edition (2014-2015) {New Perfume} {New Packaging}

Jimmy_Choo_Love_TSS.jpg Fashion label Jimmy Choo have introduced a new women's perfume called Jimmy Choo Love...

It was introduced at the end of holidays 2014 as a Sephora exclusive in France.

The eau de parfum looks like an advance launch scheduled to coincide more generally with upcoming Valentine's Day 2015.

The merchant website does not list the new scent yet. Perfume notes are unknown.

For now, it's more about the excitement of discovering a novelty packaged in pink and covered with red lipstick stains before more details are released.

Jimmy_Choo_Love_2.jpg Updated: the Sephora France website now lists the perfume. It is a Valentine's edition with just the outer packaging changed to reflect the mood of the moment. The eau de parfum itself remains unchanged.

MSRP: 51,40€ for 40 ml.

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