Demeter Mountain Air (2015) {New Fragrance}

Demeter_Mountain_Air.jpg Demeter have captured one new ambiant smell and it's that of the Alaskan atmosphere with the scent called Mountain Air...

Crisp, clean and cool mountain air. Endless evergreen. Crystal clear water. This fragrance is a personal attempt to capture one of the most amazing vacations of my life. Alaskan license plates read "The Last Frontier", and they speak the truth. The scope and majesty of the place is impossible to capture, but it was too important to me. I had to try. -- Mark Crames, CEO Demeter Fragrance Library

This is a perfume for the person, as always, although it is also available as a room spray and diffuser oil and in various ancillary products.

Prices range from $2.50 to 39.50

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