Cyberpunk Couple at Dusk {Paris Photo}


Cyberpunk Couple at Dusk © 2015 Chantal-Hélène Wagner

On the first day of spring in Paris when you look pleasantly at pink trees in bloom as classic confirmation of spring, you can also happen on street scenes like that of this young couple whose strange gear, to me at least, I had to decrypt...

I first thought "steampunk", then "animés". After comparing fashion notes with Pinterest, I was able to narrow it down to "cyberpunk." It's a more futuristic take on "steampunk," the latter having more references to 19th century and Victoriana.

Neuromancer by William Gibson is the foundational text of that aesthetic of life (Scented Quote of the Day upcoming.)

Looking at such elaborate outfits makes you realize that fashion truly is alive on the streets. You blink an eye or turn your attention elsewhere, and it's gone. I'm not in principle on a course to playing fashion-gazette on the streets but I do love to capture some of those moments of sartorial fascination. Sometimes, like yesterday, I gazed so much, I forgot to take a picture of someone else in a remarkable situation. Fortunately, this couple was confusing enough to make me realize I had to try and capture them for others and not just keep the image in my mind.

Since this is a perfume blog, you could try to scent this picture. What do you think they are or should be wearing as perfumes?

According to Neuromancer, they should be probably wearing some kind of ginger perfume with hints of cigarette smoke, a Gingembre et Cigarette. Gibson seems to be obsessed with the scent of ginger.

I'm going, as thanks, to set up a guide of ginger perfumes for cyberpunk lifestyle aficionados. If I read the novel, I'll probably be able to isolate some other meaningful notes.

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