Almost Black & White // Chasing the Cross Series 3 {Paris Street Photography}


Almost Black & White // Chasing the Cross Series 3 © CHANT WAGNER 2017

It's interesting to photograh in color a palette of blacks, whites, grays and transparencies (lavenders & greens are very pale) - because it could fool you into thinking that color, as in vivid color, is not an option...

If you let some color - bright colors - creep back in, then you get an effect of historical dissonance.

The soot looks dramatic, but alas, it is due to the effects of urban pollution.

Churches today have to factor in the cohabitation with cars, and this is what it looks like. It turns your photograph into a charcoal drawing.


Jesus on the Cross: Real Color Oppositions, False Social Oppositions

Contemplation & Prayer

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