Rochas Mademoiselle Rochas (2017) {New Fragrance} {Perfume Images & Ads}


Rochas will launch a new perfume for young women - or young-at-heart women - called Mademoiselle Rochas. It is about capturing what the brand likes to call "Frenchic"; This young woman is Parisian - and she perpetuates a certain spirit and atttitude towards life which is in great part inspired by the French capital city...

Who is Mademoiselle Rochas?

"A city girl through and through, she embodies fashion without realizing it. When she has a few hours' spare, she treats herself to a walk in ballet pumps between Rue Saint-Honoré, Saint Germain des Prés or along the Canal Saint Martin, striding across the bridges and through the gardens of the capital. In the evening, she changes her flat shoes for stilettos, applies a nice bright red lipstick and delicately perfumes herself."



She believes in friendship, seduction and a hedonistic lifestyle,

"Now she is ready for a drink with friends in a bar, trendy or not, she doesn't care, as long as she is surrounded by friends. She radiates happiness and charms her audience with her spontaneity. She loves playing with the rules of seduction, what's wrong with having fun?"

Perfumer Anne Flipo tried to bottle this spirit of exhuberance towards life, taking inspiration from history, with Femme and Madame Rochas perfumes, while factoring in a new culture of sharing - some would say over-sharing - of everyday life's discoveries, thanks to favorite apps, Instagram and Snapchat (but not Pinterest).



Swiss actress Noémie Schmidt plays the role of the Parisian and Millenial French chic girl in the advertising campaign.

The eau de parfum opens on a tangy and sparkling red fruit accord (red and black currant, blackberry), said to be "a reminder of a carefree childhood." This is offset by crisp ivy. The toffee red apple scent in the top is both fruity green and lightly caramelized and "terribly addictive".

The romantic heart is "an explosion of flowers" with rose petals from the Rochas fields, a "profusion" of Egyptian jasmine and a violet accord "floating in the air..."

The base rests on creamy sandalwood, a soft ambergris accord and white Chantilly musks, a reference to the lace that M. Rochas loved to use on the dresses he created.

The fragrance will be available from Mars 2017.

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