Red Patent Leather & Neons {Paris Photo}


Woman with Red Shoes at Night © 2015 Chantal-Hélène Wagner

From the capital city of perfume and fashion, more street photos...

The floppy hat - with the beanie and mountain hat - has made a real inroad in popular fashion.

A couple of years ago, a mountain hat made you look like you had just come back from the winter sports and could not let go of your comfy gear. Fast forward to today, everybody now are wearing chalet woolen hats with pompoms.

The floppy hat is a big trend too. There is a hint of old regime about it, you know, the d'Artagnan and Three Musketeers reference.

I'm jotting down some style notes to say something, but really what caught my eye here was the play of light and shadows on this woman's silhouette, her legs in particular.

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