Bubble & Baker Boys' Ballet {Paris Photo}


Bubble & Baker Boys Ballet © 2015 Chant Wagner

A street scene in a time of peace showing two "garçons boulangers" delivering their daily bread to local businesses with dance-y steps while watching without missing a step the bubble man sending his ephemeral art works towards passers-by...

Is this really a time of peace? In many ways, it is not.

We seem to be living in an era with a new kind of warfare where a hostile ennemy might strike anytime, anywhere. It is a very protracted type of war which believes in a very long term vision. It started years ago, it will go on for years to come. It relies on surprise, unpredictability, left-field attacks, and destabilizing mind games with our cultural icons and symbols.

Meanwhile, it's important to feel how precious it is to just be able to take in the sight of bubbles and baker boys passing by on a spring day when the chestnut trees are in bloom, off frame.

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