Guerlain Mon Exclusif Awaits its Baptism (2015) {New Fragrance}


Guerlain have launched a new fragrance with the code name Mon Exclusif which is also a new concept they want to explore in the intimate relationship that a woman can establish with her perfume by giving it a name of her own choosing...

Some perfume lovers are known to give nicknames to their favorite blends.

You are invited to apply metallic lettering on the bottle or have it engraved directly with a unique name.

The composition is a new eau de parfum signed by in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser who is attempting to design a fougère for women, still a gender-bending exercise albeit less so than a few years ago.

The fragrance features an accord of fresh ferns, lavender, "caressing" oriental notes, soft sandalwood, salty caramel, coumarin and vanilla.

The flacon reprises the well-known one used for Coque d'Or. This is a sartorial reference to the bow tie worn by Serge Diaghilev of the Ballets Russes fame. The design thus reflects the play on gender codes of the jus. It is the equivalent of George Sand or Marlene Dietrich wearing a men's bow tie. The lines have been however made rounder to look more feminine.

Guerlain's quest for high luxury in recent years has at times reached horribly showy, nouveau-riche-angst-ridden levels of effort calling to mind the worship of the golden calf. This is a far cry from the discreet-charm-of-the-bourgeoisie flavor the house had had for the longest time. Suddenly, they seemed to have decided to take themselves way too seriously.

It appears that Mon Exclusif is a return to more wit and less splash in the brand search of a higher-exclusivity image.

Price: 130€


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