Caron Pour un Homme Millésime 2014 {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Last year, Caron celebrated the 80th anniversary of Pour un Homme with the launch of "a vintage version of its legendary fragrance" called Pour un Homme Millésime 2014 eau de toilette...

The new blend is now more widely available in 2015 at Sephora France. It gets inspiration from raw materials and exceptional harvests, in the technical tradition best known to vintners.

Richard Fraysse, Perfumer Creator for Caron, has transcended the original formula with a unique selection of the most floral Lavenders and noblest Vanillas.

The exceptional result, which remains true to the legendary accord, perfectly encapsulates the quintessence of Pour Un Homme, capturing its many facets with the greatest intensity.

The fragrance, composed by Russian émigré in Paris Ernest Daltroff in 1934, is known for its tantalizing meshing of lavender with amber and vanilla. In this recent twist, all the main ingredients have been amped up, including the musk in the base, which has now been made to be more persistent.

We mention the fact that Daltroff was a Russian émigré because we think it denotes a certain experience of culture, and also due to the fact that several great perfumers in the history of perfumery could be interpreted partly through this lens.

Price: 82,50€ for 125 ml.

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