Simply Spring IV - Pink Martian Sunset {Paris Photo}


Pink Martian Sunset ~ Coucher de soleil martien en rose © 2015 Chantal-Hélène Wagner

The sky today at sunset was a glorious palette of reds, pinks, blues and lavenders. I spent some twenty minutes observing different corners of the sky. It occurred to me that even though people usually think that an eclipse of the moon is a rare enough occurrence worth for us to turn our eyes up towards the sky collectively, a sunset on an ordinary spring day is just, if not more spectacular a vision...

I was surprised that passersby were not stopping more to gaze at the skies.

With this idea in mind, I was then inspired to feature one of the Parisian lamp posts with its contrasting yellow globe of light as a new moon in the sky to stress the fact that I do believe that what we think is ordinary or extraordinary is just a matter of perspective on what is right under our noses, or above our heads.

After the sun had gone down - they say your sense of smell heightens when your sense of sight dims and I find it is true for myself - I was then struck by three distinct street smells: Pastis - someone had drinken too much of it and was reeking of it at a bus stop; Cannabis - there were break dancers and a spectator who was watching the show smelt of it; Speculoos - don't ask me why but the spring air smelt of Flemish cinnamon cookies with their pyrazine nuance of burnt toast.

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