Yves Rocher Pomme Anis Etoilé & Citron Basilic (2015) {New Fragrances}

yves_rocher_pomme_anis_étoilé.jpg Yves Rocher have introduced two new scents in their Les Plaisirs Nature range, Pomme Anis Etoilé and Citron Basilic as Brumes Parfumées Rafraîchissantes...

The perfumed body mists are made with natural essential oils giving their names to the fragrances. The concept is to invite you to reapply all through the day as you wish to cool down from high temperatures.

yves_rocher_citron_basilic.jpg Citron Basilic has EOs of lemon and basil. Pomme Anis Etoilé has EO of Star Aniseed together with some sort of recreated natural apple scent.

The range usually features very-true-to-nature single note perfumes. This is a novel dual-note twist.

Spray bottles are 100 ml. Price is 9€. They come with a collection of ancillary products for the bath.

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