Berdoues Launch 6 Colognes Grand Crus (2015) {New Fragrances}


French house Berdoues est. 1902 - the makers of a reputed violet perfume - have launched a new collection of 5 eaux de cologne called Colognes Grand Crus comprising Assam of India, Arz-el-Rab, Oud el Sahraa, Selva do Brazil, Somei Yoshino and Scorza di Sicilia...

"Not just any wine is called a great vintage [...] The origin of the collection Grands Crus is the desire to gather the best raw materials that earth can offer. From these harvests and the know-how of our perfumers is born a collection with a rare character."

Arz el-Rab is an interpretation of the legendary forests of cedar trees from Mount Lebanon. Notes are: Chinese ginger, Moroccan iris, Virginian cedarwood.

berdoues_assam_of_india_eau_de_cologne_grand_cru_500x500.jpg Assam of India is based on the scent of black Assam tea. Notes are: lemon from Menton, Indian tea and Mysore sandalwood.

berdoues_selva_do_brazil_eau_de_cologne_grand_cru_500x500.jpg Selva do Brazil is inspired by the Brazilian forest offering a dry, green character. Notes are: Petit grain from Praguay, Brazilian tonka bean, Argentinian guaiac wood.

berdoues_scorza_di_sicilia_eau_de_cologne_grand_cru_500x500.jpg Scorza di Sicilia is about a travel to Sicily. Notes are: Calabrian lemon, Virginian cedarwood, Indonesian vetiver.

berdoues_oud_el_sahraa_eau_de_cologne_grand_cru_500x500.jpg Oud el-Sahraa is about "the enveloping perfume of oud." Notes are: Italian mandarin, Namibia myrrh, Oudh wood from Malaysia.

berdoues_somei_yoshino_cologne_grand_cru_500x500.jpg Somei Yoshino is a cherry blossom opus. Notes are: Japanese shiso, Indian Jasmine sambac, and Indonesian patchouli.

Each cologne grand cru is priced at 63,50€ for 100 ml.

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