Angelina Shop Girls Time Warp {Paris Photo}


Angelina Shop Girls Time Warp © 2014 Chant Wagner

Passing by the Angelina pastry shop on a winter night, I caught sight of a trio of shop girls who looked like they might have lived in the 19th century in an Emile Zola novel, especially the two in the background...

You think of L'Assommoir, La bête humaine, Nana...

It's their clothes of course, but even more than that the way they wear those. The faces and attitudes are uncannily from another time.

It was like a glimpse into time travel. The moment after, they were already looking more contemporary.

You could say that like some fragrances, this picture is timeless. It's like a Guerlain gourmand perfume, with 19th century and 21st century accords, all in the same place.

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