Caudalie Rose de Vigne (2015): A Rose Perfume for Wine Lovers {New Fragrance}

Caudalie_rose_de_vigne.jpg French beauty and fragrance brand Caudalie have released a new fragrance called Rose de Vigne in their vineyard series...

It complements a collection which already comprises Fleur de Vigne, Thé des Vignes, Zeste de Vigne, and Figue de Vigne.

"Surrender to the freshness of the vine rose glistening with early morning dew, sparkling and fresh, infused with sharp notes of rhubarb."

Mathilde Thomas, the founder of Caudalie commented,

"Below the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, a countless number of roses bloom, creating a marvelous landscape of light, flowers and fruits. I captured their bright, pure fragrance in the early morning, blended with the scent of grape bunches and vine stocks, at the heart of my new Fresh Fragrance: Rose de Vigne."

caudalie_rose_de_vigne_2.jpg The composition centers on a crisp rose-rhubarb accord underlined by white musk and undisclosed effects evoking the sensory atmosphere of a vineyard.

Rhubarb, grapefruit and pink peppercorn open the head of the eau fraîche leading to a floral heart of white rose, magnolia and muguet while the base rests on musks and ambery woods.

Price: 19,30€ for 50 ml.

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  1. it's Mathilde Thomas not Laurent....

    • Absolutely - I write about the perfumer more often than about the beauty entrepreneur...thanks for calling attention to the error.

      Chant Wagner
  2. It seems wonderful!


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