Hermès Jour d'Hermès Gardénia (2015) {New Fragrance}


Hermès have released a new flanker to Jour d'Hermès (2012) called Jour d'Hermès Gardénia following up on Jour d'Hermès Absolu (2014)...

The new eau de parfum composition, as its name indicates, emphasizes the presence of the gardenia flower but in ways perhaps less direct than one might expect a priori.

Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena said,

"Gardenia, a flower that radiates as much through its beauty as through its fragrance, is the essence of Jour d'Hermès"

The fragrance, which is named like a soliflore, actually adds notes of rose, jasmine and tuberose.

Illuminated by a single flower, a new day is revealed. A new nuance, intense and full of contrasts, sunny and vegetal, revealing a different aspect of femininity in all its disturbing complexity.

Gardenia, one and many. Like a bouquet made from just one type of flower, gardenia combines the fragrances of rose, tuberose and jasmine. A sort of exotic mystery to bewitch the soul, whose wealth of notes creates a dazzling halo around our Jour d'Hermès.

The flacon, which has the certain heft of a paper-weight, was designed by Pierre Hardy. The jus is now a pale Chartreuse green.

Available in 85 ml and 50 ml refillable spray bottles for 129€ and 94€ respectively.

Via press release

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