Katy Perry's Mad Potion & Mad Love (2015): There is a John Mayer & Taylor Swift Feud Connection {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}


Pop queen Katy Perry is apparently fuming over some serious professional and love strife involving John Mayer and Taylor Swift - and I don't know how this all came about and where it will end but meanwhile there is a fragrance, even two, to mark the moment - the strategic role the scents play in the story is unclear apart from the fact that Swift also both sings and launches perfumes...

The singers also both dated the same guy, John Mayer, and Perry herself is now re-dating Swift's Dear John.

I mean, unless you're a die-hard fan shadowing those figures, just know that Mad Potion and Mad Love perfumes are more than just about perfumes. It's about anger, and love, and revenge, or so says Inquisitr - and I was barely able to extract the deep meaning of this horrible feud because it sounds really arcane to the non-initiated.

OK, so Mad Potion is a musky vanilla perfume. It has top notes of vanilla orchid, peony, apple and musk while the heart features Bourbon vanilla, jasmine, and fluffy musk. The base rests on vanilla, amber and sexy musk.

Maybe it is dedicated to Taylor Swift.

Then Katy Perry also announced another perfume called Mad Love. This one might be inspired by boyfriend John Mayer with whom Perry has reunited. No notes are divulged yet but it is formally trademarked as an eau de parfum.


At any rate, fans will be able to partake in Perry's anger and whatever other feelings are supposed to be expressed here by not drinking but spraying on from the 30 ml and 15 ml bottles which are shaped like quirky vials of elixirs.

Also via Vagalume; K-Perry

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