Marc Jacobs to Launch New Perfume Decadence with Adriana Lima {New Fragrance}


Adriana Lima © 2010 Adam Bielawski via Wikimedias

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs will launch a new fragrance for women from Fall 2015 called Decadence, which is presented as the polar opposite to Daisy (2007)...

Daisy is said to be more casual, sunny, sweet and coy in comparison to the upcoming Decadence.

Brazilian model Adriana Lima, one of the Angels at Victoria's Secret, is the spokesperson for the perfume. The advertising is said to feature her in a boudoir setting whose decor showcases a rich palette of greens and golds.

"It's about a good girl planning to be decadent," explained Lori Singer, group vice president of global marketing at Coty Inc., the designer's scent licensee. "It's very high quality, opulent, very elegant and sophisticated. Daisy is more casual and whimsical and naïve. This fragrance will elevate the elegance of the entire house of Marc Jacobs fragrances."

Marc Jacobs and Adriana Lima are set to make a public appearance together at the Met Ball on May 4, 2015.


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  1. Is it the new name for "Mod noir" (...) or not the same thing?

    • It's a different perfume. The advert is said to be in greens and golds and Adriana Lima is the face of the fragrance.

      Mod Noir is, as its name indicates, about a black palette, with white - plus, there is no Adriana in sight!

      Thanks for the reminder. I will post an article about Mod Noir soon.

      Chant Wagner

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