Soccer Star Zlatan Ibrahimović to Launch Perfume House {Fragrance News}


Paris Saint Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimović announced yesterday that he is about to launch, quite unexpectedly, a full-fledged fragrance house under the name Zlatan Ibrahimović Parfums...


Zlatan's tattoos explained © Reuters

The soccer star let out that he's been working on the project for two years offering a sneak peek of his new logo (seen above). The circle contains two of his largest tattoos which are one of his trademarks. According to an article from the Daily Mail and a photo from Reuters, the Japanese koi is a symbol of masculinity, of knowing how to swim against the current, while the feather has a native American origin; it symbolizes the strength and courage of the eagle.

He announced the news to his nearly 3 million followers on Twitter,

"A sneak preview of something I've been working on for the past 2 years. Something I'm very proud of. So stay tuned.. "

While it is not uncommon to see soccer players with a high show-business profile like David Beckham lend their name to new fragrances and gradually build a brand when it's successful, it is less predictable to witness a sports icon deciding to launch what looks like a niche fragrance house.

Sweden however - Ibrahimović is the captain of the national Swedish soccer team - has been a noteworthy scene for new niche fragrance labels since Byredo, who have advised more recently & Other Stories.

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