Nocturnal Iftar Picnics in Istanbul {Peregrine Paris Photo}


Nocturnal Iftar Picnics in Eyüp, Istanbul © 2015 Chantal-Hélène "Chant" Wagner

First of all, Eid Mubarak / Şeker Bayramınız Kutlu Olsun ! Today marks the start of the 3-day festival following the end of Ramadan, also called the Festival of Sweets...

This picture was taken at Eyüp in Istanbul last week during the month of Ramadan known as Ramazan in Turkish. People congregate to the holy place to break the fast at sundown, for Iftar.

The photo was taken without a flash, or filter, or photoshop. It manages to capture, I think, the festive, but also unusual atmosphere of the period. It's a time of particular intensity and fervor. I was glad that the colors here could express some of that uncommon ambience.

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