Vanderbilt Gloria Vanderbilt Minuit à New York (2015) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

gloria_vanderbilt_minuit_a_new_york.jpg The Vanderbilt fragrance franchise has added a new perfume to its portfolio called Gloria Vanderbilt Minuit à New York (Midnight in New York), an evening scent meant to liberate the nocturnal power of white florals and express the style of women who evolve in the night scene of NYC...

The composition is signed by French perfumer Dora Baghriche of Firmenich who's lived in New York City and said she used that experience to recreate an authentic social atmosphere.

She added that she wanted to go beyond an evening interpretation of the original Vanderbilt fragrance (1985) opting instead for a biographical and historical approach by doing research on Gloria Vanderbilt, her times and brand of chic, while translating that heritage into a contemporary fragrance.

The eau de parfum includes notes of tuberose, white lilies, jasmine, hyacinth, violet, gardenia, milky sandalwood, ambery woods and sueded leather.

The flacon reprises the swan motif embossed in the glass. It represents the nickname writer Truman Capote gave to Gloria Vanderbilt, comparing her to a swan in her youth. The packaging has adopted the Marsala color, which is color of the year, according to Pantone.

Price: 15,95€ for 30 ml.

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