Molinard Patchouli Intense (2015) {New Perfume}

Molinard_Patchouli_Intense.jpg The house of Molinard have launched a new perfume called Patchouli Intense, an intensified, richer and more gourmand twist on their Patchouli eau de parfum...

The jus aims to address "a myth of elegance and freedom," - making a reference to patchouli as a symbolic perfumery ingredient of the social change of the 1960s. It is " a bohemian and intensely addictive perfume,"

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of orange, neroli, jasmine and amber. The heart features patchouli, nougat, cedarwood, ambery vanilla. The base reprises and prolongs the patchouli line of thought, together with sandalwood, vetiver, cashmere wood, and "accords of white musks."

While the first Patchouli edp was designed as a unisex perfume, this new interpretation appears to be skewed feminine according to packaging design coding: the new bottle is a nude pink, retro-looking and boudoir-styled atomiser flacon.

Price: 68,50€ for 75 ml.

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