Shinsegae International to Buy Paul Poiret {Fragrance News}


A "mouillette" or scent strip for Nuit de Chine by Les Parfums de Rosine, the perfume branch of Paul Poiret

WWD announced today that Korean group Shinsegae International is to close in on a buy of the Paul Poiret trademarks...

The news of the possibility to acquire Paul Poiret first emerged in the fall of 2014, which lay a novel emphasis on an online, downloadable application to start off the process. It ensured a great deal of directness.

Shinsegae International plan to start reviving the fragrance and beauty arms of Paul Poiret before moving further ahead into fashion and accessories. This might remind you of a recent statement by Jean Patou, who are planning a two-step approach to the revival of their own fashion house.

According to Pierre Mallevays, managing director of London-based Savigny Partners who represented the seller Luvanis SA,

"They want to reinvent the DNA and make it relevant to today. They're not buying it to make it a Korean brand. They're buying it to develop it based out of Paris and distribute it on the international market. They're very sophisticated, and they really understand brands."

It's long been a common wisdom to hold the view that couturier Paul Poiret would have been better inspired to use his brand name for his fragrances as well as lifestyle products instead of naming them after his two beloved daughters, Rosine and Martine.

This might be a historic opportunity to test this branding theory, apart from smelling anew the "DNA" of the brand.


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