Nivea Eau de Toilette - The Legend Lives On (2015) {New Perfume}


Cultissime beauty product Nivea cream will be available in fine perfume form, from mid-October 2015 as Nivea Eau de Toilette...

A limited edition was introduced about two years ago by the brand.

The white cream created in 1911 by Dr. Oskar Troplowitz is famously celebrated not only for its hydrating and beautifying qualities, but also very much for its immediately recognizable scent, which has often been much copied, or recreated. Italian niche brand Lorenzo Villoresi for instance took inspiration from it for their Teint de Neige (Nivea means "snow" in Latin).

The Beiersdorf group, which repurchased the brand after WWII, are reportedly guarding the secret of its exact formula like Coca-Cola their recipe, explaining that the formula written in Sütterlin script is kept in a safe and won't be disclosed.


Perfumer Isabelle Abram of Givaudan worked on the fine fragrance version of the iconic blue pot of cream.

The eau de toilette composition features notes of bergamot, mandarin, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, freesia, precious rose essences, lavender, sandalwood and powder.

The challenge for the creative team was to develop a perfume which would hold the same emotional impact as the scent of the cream, which is typically experienced from childhood. Another goal was to come up with an eau de toilette, which like the cream, is easy to use, basic, simple, with an everyday quality while being in synergy with the brand.

Price: 24€ for 30 ml. It will be available at Nivea Haus, Nivea Spa and

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