Picture from an Exhibition II: Lanvin - The Gradiva or Fashion in Action {Paris Photo} {Fashion Notes}


The Gradiva - After the Jeanne Lanvin Exhibition © Chant Wagner

One of the interesting, more peripheral aspects of visiting the exhibition on Jeanne Lanvin at Palais Galliera was to see that some of the attendees were wearing fashion inspired by the early 20th century...

The Grecian flow of this early looking Little Black Dress is a prime example of this meeting point between history and present-day fashion.


Gradiva via Wikimedia Commons

I see fashion as a form of action - not just a sartorial choice.

This woman's step and fluid lines make me think of the Gradiva by Jensen. She who walks, she who walks into battle, possibly. Wearing a dress which feels so throwback like this is even more of a statement of action: injecting past yet possibly current lines and styles in the life of the city, making them come alive again.

Like perfume, fashion needs to move. Both need the heat of the human body to truly prosper. Seeing some of the flat lines of the exhibit hanging again on human shoulders was charming.

I like to think of it as "Fashion in Action" as, no doubt, it is purposeful and makes a difference for those who see it, and appreciate it.


Picture from an Exhibition: Lanvin

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