Bath & Body Works Create Mists which are Fine: Cup of Warmth, Wrapped in Comfort, Cozy Sunday Morning (2015) {New Perfumes}


Bath & Body Works have launched a new trio of perfumes in the Signature Collection whose watchword is comfort called Cup of Warmth, Wrapped in Comfort and Cozy Sunday Morning...

The blends are described as "fine fragrance mists" with the world "fine" laying the stress on the fact that these are real perfume compositions resting on a classical and elaborate olfactory pyramid. On the other hand, they are "mists" i.e., light, meant to appeal to people who like to think of fragrance as an extension of the bath/shower ritual rather than as a jewel or fashion accessory. Bath and Body Works like to specify that this form is "...the lightest, most refreshing way to fragrance!"

The fragrance bottles mimic the pattern of a knit, thick woolen sweater to invite you to feel better a cozy atmosphere.

Cozy Sunday Morning is a "A cozy blend of chamomile tea, fresh bergamot & soft cotton."

Top Notes: Soft Bergamot, Chamomile, Cotton Blossom, Sparkling Pink Peppercorn
Mid Notes: Golden Iris Petals, Pink Peony Petals, Creamy White Magnolia
Dry Notes: Gilded Amber, Addictive Orris, Soft Sandalwood, Cotton Musk

Cup of Warmth is "A warm indulgence of vanilla chai, toasted biscotti & a sprinkle of nutmeg."

Top Notes: Sparkling Bergamot, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Nutmeg
Mid Notes: Ginger, Lotus Blossom, White Ginger Flower
Dry Notes: Biscotti Crème, Caramel Musk, Whipped Vanilla Chai, Sandalwood

Wrapped in Comfort is "A comforting blend of soft cashmere, almond crème & blackberry rosé."

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Watery Star Fruit
Mid Notes: Airy Baby Muguet, Cotton Blossom, Cashmere Iris Flower
Dry Notes: Caramelized Musks, Soft Sandalwoods, Creamy Musk, Almond Crème

SRP for a 8 fl.oz spray is $14. There are ancillary products.

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