End of Sunday Mass at Notre Dame de Paris {Paris Photo}


Smell & Shoot Series

This is a series of photos on the end of Sunday Mass at Notre Dame de Paris tonight as the religious officiants were exiting the church nave...

The woman in the yellow coat is standing in front of the new, monumental and contemporary stoup which was installed on the occasion of the cathedral's 850th anniversary of devotion to the Virgin Mary.


The main scent which permeated the air when you entered the church was that of molten beeswax with its honeyed, resinous and slightly animalic and musky nuances.

End_Sunday_Mass_2.JPG The incense was more like a background white noise, not very distinctive although part of the thickish olfactory atmosphere.

End_Sunday_Mass_3.jpg If you paid close enough attention you could stop and smell some gorgeous white lilies whose fragrance was surprisingly alluring, like a whole perfume.


As you exited the cathedral, the contrasted scent of greasy street food - aromas of baguette hot dogs and fries - hit your nostrils calling you back to a more mundane reality in no time.

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