Calvin Klein CK2: Should They Say Unisex or Multi-Gender? (2016) {New Perfume}


When Calvin Klein issued CKOne in 1994, they were very successful at conveying the idea that that was the scent meant to define a new generation who possessed no clear gender preferences, neatly summarized as being "unisex" or "androgynous". Twenty years later or so, the brand want to capture the attention of Millenials with CK2 as at the core they're a generational brand, yet one wonders whether "unisex" is still apt a term in a world which has become much more fluid regarding gender preferences...

It feels a bit dated by now. Gender has become such a nuanced palette of meaning that you could be anything you wish to express in that regard, just like you choose the color(s) of hair that you want.

"This is one gender-free fragrance for a man or a woman, without prejudices, to unite and create an experience that can be shared together in love, lust and friendship.

To be honest, Calvin Klein are now, as you can see, using the phrase "gender-free" to tout their wares, but it is clear that people in 2015 are not gender-free, in the sense that you could be a bit aseptic regarding external sexual signs in the 1990s. On the contrary, people are evolving to become hyper selective regarding their gender personality - and even bodies. So, in a way, you feel that CK2 could not smell as clean and airy as CKOne. Why is that? Because today people are ready to surgically make appear their inner gender, or not. It could be relatively simple as in, you have the body of a man but feel you're really a woman (Caitlin Jenner), or it can be more complex such as you have the body of a woman, feel like a man but want to remain physically a woman (Courtney Love). It could be even more complicated than that.

Rather than "minimalism" where gender culture is concerned, we want to point out that we're living in a very "baroque" era, where gender cultures are concerned.

CK2 by IFF replays the fresh card however. It's also said to be urban and woody. It's also about multicultural fusion tastes. Top notes are wasabi mustard, mandarin and violet leaf absolute leading to a heart of wet cobblestones, orris concrete and rose absolute while the base rests on vetiver, incense and sandalwood.

SRP: 1 oz. for $40, 1.7 oz. for $55 and 3.4 oz. for $75 -- as well as a rollerball, $18, and a pocket spray, $20.


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